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Fostering A Global Perspective

The Haitian Stock Exchange is committed to building an investing culture throughout Haiti by giving every individual a global perspective of the investing world. This simulation connects all interested people to real market data from over 30 countries, all for free.

Growth From Within

We are committed to building strong capital markets, open to Haitian business and Haitian investors. This will help usher in a new era of strong economic growth throughout the country - connecting companies to the capital they need to succeed.

Think Local. Invest Global

We are focused on helping every Haitian be familiar with what it means to invest, and how to look forward to the financial future. This Investment Learning Center is your starting point - learn what it means to invest, see how to conduct financial research, and get access to our learning library that will help you succeed.

Investing In Haiti's Future

The Haitian Stock Exchange is committed to building strong capital markets, as well as fostering an investment culture in Haitian youth. Our Investment Learning Center pairs a cutting-edge portfolio simulation with a wealth of investment and personal finance learning resources. Users are given $100,000 in practice money to build a portfolio of global stocks - giving real experience in the global investing world.

Investing In Haiti

If you are an investor looking to connect with Haitian businesses, see the current list of companies listed on the Haitian Exchange.

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Haitian Schools - Start Here

The simulation also supports classroom learning - teachers can create a customized investment game for their classroom. Lesson plans, assessments, and class activity reports are available to teachers for their class.

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Using This Simulation


Click the link below to create your account. We will credit your account with $100,000 in virtual money, which you can use to build a portfolio of global stocks. We also include rankings, to compare your performance against other beginning Haitian traders.

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Market Participants

Market participants can create sponsored challenges - private sessions to help get clients familiar with the investing world. Businesses can also request more information about getting listed on the Haitian Stock Exchange.

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The investment simulation is a powerful learning tool - already used in over 15,000 classrooms in North America every year. Give your students access to the latest personal finance and investment learning resources by setting up your class for free.

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